The mPay World

What is mPay?

mPay SA is the creator of innovative services for mobile
payments (m-payments), allowing the execution and settlement
of financial transactions using a mobile phone. The strategic
objective of mPay SA is to establish a standard in the field
of mobile payments to the mass market in the world, by
offering m-payments by an universal, easy and safe to use
payment instrument in cooperation with mobile operators
and banks.

mPay is based on a proprietary solution. It uses two possible
channels of communication to settle a transaction: text
(implemented using USSD technology) and voice (performed
using the IVR system).

MPay system has many unique features distinguishing it from
other available solutions on the market.

  • The transaction is initiated always by the payer. Mobile
    phone owned by the user can be used as a kind of
    “payment terminal“ without the need for specialized
    equipment for the seller.
  • The system allows for the settlement of all kinds of
    transaction: type of person-to-person (P2P),
    person-to-business (P2B), person-to-machine (P2M).
  • There are four possible sources of money in the mPay system.
    User can pay using the amount pre-paid or credited
    on his mPay account, connect his bank account directly to
    the mPay system, define a payment card (credit or debit)
    in the MasterCard Mobile technology or charge his mobile
    operator bill directly.
  • Each payer is identified by their mobile number, and the
    number is not disclosed to the seller.
  • By default, each transaction must be authorized by a PIN,
    as defined by the user. This option can be modified by

the user by specifying the limit of the amount to which
the transaction may not be authorized. If a payment
card is used as a source of money for the system, a user
authorizes the transaction by the CVC2/CVV2 security
code of his card.

  • The transaction can be carried out using two
    communication channels - voice response (IVR) and text (USSD).
  • mPay is currently developing an all platform mobile app
    which will provide all services and somewhat similar
    payment scheme to currently supported USSD and IVR Channels.
  • Often repeated transactions may be defined by the user
    directly in the phone book, which significantly accelerates
    the execution.
  • mPay provides support for all transactions completely
    remotely, without the need for direct user contact the seller.

What mPay system offers to the partners?


  • tool to create innovative financial offers for bank
  • synergy with existing products that drives new
  • new source of revenues from area not covered by
  • existing payment instruments enhanced level of
    security of e-commerce payments
  • loyalty programmes


  • additional source of revenues from transaction fees
    and mobile payment traffic
  • efficient method of prepaid phone balance top-up
  • increased user loyalty by offering added values of
    remote payments

How to cooperate:

Banks and financial institutions can provide an effective
source of money for the mPay system. Bank can either
directly link the accounts of its clients to the mPay system or
automatically link credit/debit card data to mPay via the
MasterCard Mobile technology.

mPay also acts as a Service Manager for MasterCard Mobile
and future MasterCard initiatives. We provide know how
and integration services for banks interested in building
their own cloud based card wallet.

How to cooperate:

Mobile network operators provide the basic channels of
communications and settling payments in the mPay
system, the USSD technology and IVR technology.

MNO acts as a vessel for mPay payments by providing
access to the USSD gateway.

The most important benefit for MNO is the revenue
sharing model of cooperation.

How to join mPay?


Activate an mPay account and define a PIN number

Dial *145# (may wary in different countries) or make and mPay

Define and confirm a PIN number that will be used to authorize


Provide funds to your mPay account.

This can be done via the Internet or by bank transfer. mPay supports
many different sources of money like credit
or debit cards, direct bank account integration, mPay account (pre-
paid or credited) or direct operator billing.


You’ll receive an SMS with

the transaction confirmation.


Welcome to mPay!

You can now use mPay services and make payments wherever you
see the mPay logo.



You can manage your account via the internet.

Just log in on to choose between you money source,
see you transaction history or generate an invoice.

What are the sources of money?

There are several possible sources of money in the mPay system.


Pre-paid mPay account.

The prepaid mPay account is automatically established during the
registration process.
User can top-up his account by an electronic bank transfer,
a traditional bank transfer or by credit or debit card.


Post-paid mPay account.

User can upgrade his basic pre-paid account and receive credit on his balance.


Credit/Debit cards connected to the mPay account
using the MasterCard Mobile technology.

User can link his credit/debit card data with his mobile phone
number in the MasterCard Mobile technology.

When a card is securely connected and verified, a transaction is
confirmed by either the CVC2/CVV2 security codes of the card or by
mPIN. In this payment scheme the transaction amount is charged
directly to the card balance.


Direct bank integration.

mPay Account can be linked directly to the users bank account.

Available only in cooperating banks.


Direct operator billing

mPay transactions can also be charged directly to the users mobile
operator bill. Available only in cooperating mobile operators.

Acceptance network:


MNO users can buy tickets for public transportation at any time during day and night, from any place, dialling a special number - code of a ticket.
M-ticketing service provided by mPay can apply to public transportation tickets, railway tickets, airline tickets and payment for taxi fares.


MNO users can pay remotely for public and private parking spaces.
No need to look for parking meters, no need for coins.
Parking time is charged exactly to the minute.

Mobile operators

MNO users can top-up their prepaid phone account using mPay.

Bill payments

Paying utility bills regardless of the location, from any place in the country and abroad simply by dialling a number printed on invoice:

  • securely
  • quickly
  • easily

In store payment

mPay provides a fast and convenient method of mobile payments for good in stores.
User just dials the number shown on the sticker by the counter (merchant ID) and confirms the transaction on his mobile device.
One of the most attractive features for the merchants is that there is no need to for complicated integration with the POS terminal. Any mobile device can act as a payment terminal.


mPay online payment is a modern and secure way to carry out online transactions.

  • The service allows you to pay for goods in e-commerce via a simple user interface integrated with mPay.
  • Transaction scheme is simple and intuitive.
  • Confirmation of the transaction on a mobile phone increases the security of transactions.


mPay offers a secure and convenient payment solution especially tailored for mobile commerce.
mPay m-commerce solution uses MasterCard Mobile technology.
mPay allows users to pay in the mobile environment using a simple pair of credentials, a mobile phone number and security code a payment card linked to the phone number in the mPay system.


How to make a payment?

Find the merchant ID

Dial the merchant ID
to pay

Autorize the transaction
with your mPay PIN number
or CVC/CVV/mPIN security


The merchant
receives the payment

your purchases

You’ll receive
confirmation by SMS

mPay S.A.

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